KURDISH PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY: March Date: 11-12 February 2017

The 15 February 1999 international plot reserves its place in history as a dark day for our people, our nation and our movement. Now with the plot in its 19th year, the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan continues to display immense resistance. We salute our leader with the spirit of the Rojava revolution, the Kobane victory, and the Sur-Cizre-Silopi-Nusaybin-Sirnak resistances.

Once again we condemn this international plot, and take on the duty and responsibility to defeat the wider and more severe plot we are confronted with 19 years after the original plot against our movement. The plot facing us today will be deeper and bloodier, and therefore, being aware of this, we must join this year’s Long-March and Rally, stronger and more organised than ever before. We must not allow a second plot against our movement; we must defend the resistance and revolution of Kurdistan. We must defend the beacon of hope for revolutionaries around the world.

The historical juncture we are living through is the closest we have ever been to freedom. Victory and success will be achieved as we embrace our historical responsibilities today.

In determination to triumph, we call on all patriots, friends and comrades to join our Long-March and Rally held with the slogan, “FREEDOM FOR OCALAN, STATUS FOR KURDISTAN”.

This is the day to unite and embrace our gains. This is the day to guarantee our freedom!




Long-march start date:                                               Rally Date:                                         


Saturday 11 February 2017                                      Sunday 12 February 2017


Start place:     CVA,                                                   Time: 14.00

82 London road,

West Croydon,                                   Place: Downing Street, London

                               CR0 2TB

Closest station: Westminster,

Time:               12.00 (Midday)                                                          Charing Cross,


End place:       Sunday 12 February

14.00                                                   Closest bus route: 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 88,

Downing street                                                                    159, 453




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