As the Academy of Democratic Modernity (ADM), we strive to spread the ideas and rich experience of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and its paradigm of Democratic Modernity. Our publication activities are intended to start discussions with activists, academics and various anti-systemic and social movements in order to move forward in our search for a radical alternative to capitalist modernity and to realise a free life. We endeavour to disseminate and discuss Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas and concepts in different languages, including by producing brochures on specific themes that are important in his writings.

Alongside radical democracy and women’s liberation, ecology is also a central pillar in the paradigm of democratic modernity. Öcalan speaks of daily S.O.S. signals from ecology, which make it clear that the current social problems have reached a crisis-like and chaotic scale. Against the backdrop of the ever-advancing climate catastrophe and the necessary discussion about a proper strategy for ecological movements worldwide, Öcalan’s ideas summarised in this brochure take on a special significance. While aggressive capitalism is confronting the environment in many parts of the world – such as the targeted ecocide in Kurdistan or neo-extractivism in Latin America – Öcalan’s proposals and the visible attempt to implement them in Kurdistan may be the right recipe for a world plagued by environmental destruction. He calls on everyone to build an ecological society and defend humanity.

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The brochure is viewable below, and can be downloaded as a pdf here: Ecology – The Rebellion of the Enviroment

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