Eluned Morgan AM (Labour), the Welsh Government Minister for International Relations & Welsh Language, has sent a letter to Jeremy Hunt (see letter in slideshow below) urging him to contact the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) re: the isolation of Öcalan, in light of the deteriorating condition of Imam Sis (on day 138 of his hunger strike today).

There is also a cross-party letter, organised by Plaid Cymru, which should surface Tuesday 7 May 2019.

This, combined with the motion passed by the Welsh Assembly, is an incredibly significant political achievement.

Jessica Morden MP (Labour) has also reportedly written to the foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

This comes the day after Plaid Cymru issued an urgent appeal to the UK Government to take action on the hunger strikes and contact the CPT: https://www.partyof.wales/hunger_striker_imam_sis_s_condition_critical?fbclid=IwAR1alqcV6NuQJ0qV0e7Jq1SM23Rbsdb81L8ARBlEsUy2eytvyM1hicm-IfQ