Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) statement, issued by the European Office of the BDP



Another massacre was added to the massacre history of Turkey last night. F-16 war planes which took flight from Diyarbakir military airbase carried out air attacks in the surrounding area of Sirnak province, Uludere towns’, Ortasu (Roboski) village and killed 35 civilians, most of whom are between the ages of 15-20.

This is evidently a civilian massacre. It is similar to the massacre carried out by General Mustafa Muglali in the Ozalp town of Van in 1933 when 33 villagers were executed by shooting. Unfortunately history has repeated itself once more after 68 years and this mentality of massacre has revealed its face in Sirnak, Uludere. 35 youths and children, the oldest of whom is 20 years old have been killed in cold blood.

Now the perpetrators are trying to find excuses for this massacre. The statement released by the Chief of Staff is wholly aimed at covering up this atrocious event.

However they will not succeed in achieving this, they will not be able to cover up this massacre. Even if they silence the media, censor it, oppress and threaten journalists the world has now seen this slaughter. The government and state will not be able to cover up this crime against humanity. The Uludere massacre has now taken its place in the black pages of history.

The events in Uludere are a clear indication of the point Turkey is now at.

The policies of the government and state to resolve the Kurdish question using violence, political and military operations and massacres were aimed at silencing the Kurdish people and breaking its will, the point it has arrived at is the massacre of civilians.

“A very efficient intelligence network has been formed. Operations will continue day and night,” and other such statements by government officials have ended in the savage murder of civilian villagers.

Public opinion is anxiously awaiting a statement regarding this issue from a government that has called on the Esad regime in Syria to end the massacre of civilians.

Our people and international public opinion should know that the AKP’s mentality for solving the Kurdish question with air strikes and political genocide operations has been revealed once again and beyond any doubt.

We condemn this massacre vehemently. We will convey our democratic response and be with our people on the streets to not let the perpetrators of this massacre go free. We will expose and damn this mentality of massacre wherever we go.

We wish mercy on those who have lost their lives and send our condolences to their families and all our people.

Now it is time to stand up, unite and be in solidarity with each other.

We also call on our people, democratic public opionion and everybody who is in support of democracy, peace and the fraternity of peoples to organise a democratic reaction against this heinous crime.

Selahattin DEMİRTAŞ, BDP Co-President

Gültan KIŞANAK, BDP Co-President