Originally published: https://anfenglish.com/features/bayik-a-historic-mission-to-defend-kurdistan-51880

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Chair Cemil Bayık expressed his views on the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish army’s ongoing military invasion of the Medya Defense Zones in a video message. Bayık described the defense of the Zap, Metina and Avashin regions by the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) and Free Women’s Troops (YJA-Star) as a “historic mission” to preserve the “achievements of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.” No one who evades the resistance “in this difficult phase” should hope for forgiveness, he said. “This struggle is being waged for Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. It is about a resistance in defense of human achievements, which should be joined by all people who call themselves Kurdish, patriotic, revolutionary, socialist and anti-fascist,” Bayık underlined.

“The Turkish state wants to liquidate the Kurdish liberation movement because the PKK is the only force opposing the genocide of the Kurds,” Bayık expressed and continued; “Assuming that the occupation operation in Zap, Metina and Avashin is only directed against the PKK, its guerrillas and Bakur (North Kurdistan) shows thoughtlessness that poses a serious danger to Kurdistan’s gains. The guerrillas are fighting selflessly against the invaders and are putting up a meaningful resistance. It wants to thwart the Turkish state’s occupation plans and defend the gains that Kurdistan and its people have fought for. There are companions who gave their lives in this decisive resistance. I remember them with respect and gratitude. I salute the commanders who are fighting this war and all the fighters on the front lines. They all fulfill their duties for our people and all other oppressed peoples, for democracy and liberal forces in a historical consciousness.”

Today, the Middle East is the scene of the third world war, Bayık noted; “As in previous wars, the focus is on the destruction of a people, currently the Kurds. The Turkish state is not capable of carrying out the genocide of the Kurds on its own. It is supported by various forces both in the international arena and in Kurdistan itself.” The PKK and its guerrillas, out of a national obligation, are the defense force of all parts of Kurdistan to prevent the eradication of Kurdish existence. Every person should consider this struggle as their own and show a clear stance.”

“As Murat Karayılan said earlier, the struggle we are waging is a legitimate defensive war, a war to protect Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and their achievements. It is a war for democracy and freedom. We are defending the peoples, the values of humanity. This fact should determine the consciousness of all and lead them to be part of this resistance. Defending together the achievements of Kurdistan is what is required from all of us. The war in Kurdistan is not an ordinary war. The fascist and genocidal state of Turkey is openly saying that it wants to destroy the Kurdish people. It does not say that its enemy is only the PKK and Bakur. In this sense, we consider the current war as a war against the Kurdish nation.”

Bayık continued; “Therefore, the Kurdish people should take a place in the ranks of the resistance both in the four parts of Kurdistan and in exile. In this way, we will be able to turn the tide towards the national liberation struggle. The policy against the Kurdish people is characterized by genocidal calculations. Thus, the guerrilla resistance against it is a struggle to protect the existence and life of the Kurdish people. This should be the self-conception of all Kurds, socialists, democrats and freedom fighters. Only together can we succeed in defending Kurdistan and its achievements. Those who evade the resistance and follow this phase only as spectators are more than negligent and let the Kurdish people suffer a serious setback. Attacks by the enemy are the business of all of us. This should be clear to everyone.”

Whatever the Kurdish people do for their future to defend their existence and their lives is legitimate and right, Bayık said. “Women and young people in particular should not stop their resistance against the Turkish invaders, and never forget those who lost their lives in this struggle. Not forgetting them means realizing their ideals. Every martyr is a reason for us to organize and fight. The Kurdish people only need success. Nothing but success will save the Kurdish people from annihilation and allow them to live freely.”