After the People’s Defence Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) had put a stop to the attacks of IS (the Islamic State) on Kobani, which had gone on since the 15th September 2014 and had been able to push the IS back on most fronts, the YPG explained that the complete liberation of Kobani would soon follow.

“Victory will be announced shortly”

Mazlum Kobanê, YPG commander on the eastern front, told ANF newsagency that in the YPG/YPJ operation of liberation which began on 23rd January, Sukulhal, Seyda Cami and Seyda streets were cleared, and the IS forces in the Kaniya Kurda area were pushed back: “The IS forces now only hold four places in this area. If our forces push forwards successfully on these four roads, the eastern front will be completely cleared and we can announce the victory of our heroic struggle against the IS in Kobanî to all our people”.

“Final Offensive continues”
Co-President of the Party of Democratic Unity (PYD) Asya Abdullah, presently in Kobani, explained by telephone to Civaka Azad (“Kurdish Society”) at 2.30 pm on 26th January: “The operations to liberate Kobani are continuing. The YPG und YPJ are fighting on the frontline. The FSA Brigades Şems El-Şemal and Suwar El Rakka are also taking part in these operations. In the last few days the Coalition against IS has also provided assistance by means of air attacks. The area of Kaniya Kurda and its strategic hill of Gire Kâni were liberated. The Islamic State suffered a severe blow some weeks ago, and now the YPG/YPJ have begun this most recent major and final offensive.”

“A new Phase for Kobani”

As for the period after liberation, Abdullah continued: “A new phase is beginning for Kobani with this offensive. Even if victory is declared in the next few days, that does not mean that the danger is over, because the Islamic State is already gathering its forces across the region. So the Self-defence Forces need a permanent system of defence and more support. A new phase also begins with this offensive for the civil population. Besides the many people who are now living in Kobani, tens of thousands more people will come back, and as much of the town is destroyed, we shall need camps and temporary accommodation. People’s basic needs must be met, including medical care, which is why Kobani should be allocated international aid. Turkey ought to play a supporting role in this regard, but in particular the UN and UNHCR above all must take over responsibility for these people, which is why we are renewing our appeal on an international level for delegations to come and make their own assessments of the situation in the region. The resistance in Kobani has now finally destroyed the myth that IS cannot be defeated. This will encourage and give hope to all those fighting the Islamic State, whether in Syria or in Iraq. The successes in Kobani are successes for all the people who have supported our struggle. The liberation of Kobani shows that a just resistance will not be defeated.”


Translated from German by PIK


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