Peace in Kurdistan campaign was delighted to hear that Archbishop Desmond Tutu was recently awarded the Templeton Prize, which is offered yearly to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to our vision of human purpose and spirituality.

We wrote to Archbishop Tutu to congratulate him on the award, and to  express our appreciation for his outspoken commitment to the cause for Kurdish justice over the years, for example through his participation in the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), and his recent support for the International Peace Initiative, which was launched last December with a call from the Archbishop for peace talks to resume.

You can read the letter we wrote to him here. You can also view some videos by Archbishop Tutu on winning the Templeton prize.

Dear Archbishop Desmond Tutu

On behalf of our Patrons and supporters, Peace in Kurdistan campaign would like to offer you our most sincere congratulations on receiving the 2013 Templeton Prize Laureate. This comes as a most suitable recognition of your life-long and tireless commitment to justice, civil rights, peace and reconciliation among peoples.

We take the opportunity to express our profound appreciation of the courageous and outspoken public stand that you have consistently taken in solidarity with the Kurdish people and their struggle for their legitimate civil, social, cultural and political rights.
At a time when it was far from popular to do so, you spoke out strongly in favour of justice for the Kurds and you challenged the international community to recognise the justice of the Kurdish people’s demands. In particular, we thank you for your support for the International Peace Initiative launched last December.

Your call for a peaceful settlement through talks between Turkey and the Kurdish leadership has resonated widely.

All the support that you have given has been an important inspiration to the Kurdish people in the most difficult days when the possibility of a peace accord looked like little more than an elusive dream.

You are held in the greatest esteem among the Kurds and by all those who are struggling for social justice and reconciliation between peoples.
We send our heartfelt greetings to you and salute your example as a campaigner of global influence for peace, justice and reconciliation.

With our warmest wishes,

Estella Schmid

Melanie Sirinathsingh

David Morgan

21 May 2013

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