The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has issued this appeal from the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations, formed after a meeting on 17 August 2014 with representatives from all Kurdish parties and organisations which called for unified diplomatic action on the current crisis. The appeal calls for humanitarian aid to be sent to Rojava as well as South Kurdistan, and for the international community to recognise the Sinjar crisis as genocide.


An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

(By the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations)

Due to the brutal ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) attacks on Kurdistan, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) sent an urgent request to the foreign offices of all the Kurdish Parties and organisations to organise joint lobbying and carry out diplomatic relations in unison.

The meeting which took place on 17/08/2014 at the Kurdistan National Congress office in Brussels hosted the representatives from foreign offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Koma Civaken Democratic – Europe (KCD), the Leftist Party of Kurdistan (Hizbi Shuhy Kurdistan), Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kurdistan Islamic Group, The Federation of Yezidi Kurds, The Union of Assyrians in Europe, Democratic Union Party (PYD), The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, (PJAK), the representatives of the Democratic Nations Party in Europe (HDP) and the Kurdish Institute in Brussels. However, due to the short notice and emergencies a number of invited political parties could not attend the meeting, and a request was made to organise another meeting in the near future.

The ISIS terrorist attacks began on Mosul on 10th June 2014, and on 3 August on Sinjar. Attacks are still continuing in Jalawla and Makhmour with mass killings of Ezidi Kurds and other minorities in Kurdistan, including Assyrians, Chaldeans and Turkmen in the Mesopotamia region. Hundreds of thousands of Ezidi Kurds and other minorities in Sinjar and in and around Mosul have been displaced. Tens of thousands were left thirsty and starving for days and thousands of others have been killed in massacres, with many people being buried alive. Thousands of Ezidi women have been taken captive, held as slaves and sold as concubines. These acts are being committed openly in the 21st century with the full knowledge of the international community, whose stance on this issue has been weak. In fact, the Kurdish forces alone came to the rescue of the people of Sinjar and saved them from a much bigger genocide. Hence, we send our sincere greetings and praise to the bravery of the Kurdish fighters.

Protecting the people of Kurdistan and preventing our people from fleeing the land of Kurdistan is the responsibility of all the Kurdish political parties that should work together in the interests of our nation.

At the meeting these principles were emphasised and the life or death nature of the current situation was highlighted. The dialogue at the meeting largely focused on the political conditions in Kurdistan. It was explicitly pointed out that the protection of our achievements in the South or in Rojava have faced terrorist attacks and it is a national responsibility to protect them. Thus, we call on all the Kurdistan political movements to use every opportunity to form a joint national protection committee.

The ISIS attacks taking place under the name of Islam have been condemned and it is regarded as an anti-Islamic movement. ISIS does not lack support, as it receives logistical, military and political assistance from certain countries in the region. Our meeting considered the stance of the international community, in particular that of the western states and the United Nations, against ISIS attacks as positive. We further request from them that their support should not be limited to humanitarian support but also to include political support due to clear signs that our nation is facing yet another genocide. We call on the Western states and the international community to condemn the countries that support and help ISIS.

For the last two years, ISIS has been continuously attacking Kurdistan and Kurdish gains. These attacks commenced with attacks on Rojava and now they have widened their attacks to include South Kurdistan. The sacrifice and resistance against ISIS from Kobani and Afrin to Jalawla is undertaken with patriotic feeling. Our meeting calls on the international community to support our sacrifice against ISIS in all parts of Kurdistan.

In the meantime, it requests the international community to include Rojava in the support and humanitarian aid that is being provided to South Kurdistan. Also, we appeal to the international community to lift the embargo and to open access to the borders that are closed in Rojava.

We call on the United Nations to urgently send humanitarian aid to the refugees in Rojava and in South Kurdistan and to open UN offices in different parts of the region.

In order to internationalise the Kurdish situation, our meeting decided to form an emergency committee to arrange diplomatic relations with  International Agencies and the International Community (The United Nations, European Union, Socialist International, The Arab League in Europe and the church, bishops around the world, etc) in order to request assistance to recognise the mass killings in Sinjar as a genocide. In the meantime, it appeals to all the institutions and the general public of Kurdistan to support the diplomatic efforts to gain recognition for the rights of the Kurdish nation.

The Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations