The History and Heritage Unit of the Tamil Information Centre (TIC) and Centre for Community Development (CCD), plans to hold a series of seminars on subjects relating to the history, heritage and cultures of the Tamil speaking peoples of Ilankai (Sri Lanka). These seminars and discussions will be non-political and purely academic in nature.

We are planning to have the first seminar on ‘Tamil Dispositions: Heritage, Habitat & History’ on Saturday, 11 September 2021 at 03:00 PM (UK) via Zoom platform.

Zoom ID: 87617670334

The history and heritage unit aims to protect, promote and transmit Tamil heritage.  The outcome of having these seminars and discussions is to know about our roots, heritage, history and culture and pass this knowledge to our younger generations who are mostly unaware of our heritages and culture. In this respect, it is also important to guide your children as to how to maintain their cultural identity while growing up in a multi-cultural society.