Author and Director of Shadow World Investigations Andrew Feinstein interviewed by journalist Erem Kansoy.  Erem and Andrew discuss what is known as the “international conspiracy”, during which the Turkish, Israeli and Turkish governments colluded to kidnap  PKK co-founder and leader Abdullah Ocalan, ultimately resulting in his imprisonment on the Turkish prison island of Imrali , which reached its 22nd anniversary on  15 February 2021.

Andrew Feinstein is a former ANC Member of Parliament in South Africa, a writer, campaigner and broadcaster. He served as an MP for more than seven years – on Parliament’s Finance Committee, as Deputy Chair of the country’s Audit Commission, and ANC member on the key financial oversight body, the Public Accounts Committee. He resigned in 2001 in protest at the ANC’s refusal to countenance an independent enquiry into a multi-billion dollar arms deal which was tainted by allegations of high level corruption. Andrew was recently named amongst the 100 most influential people working in armed violence reduction globally, and is the author of “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade”.

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